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Creating Impact Through Years of Expertise in Data & AI 

Discover the Finarb Difference

We are a “consult-to-operate” data, analytics and advanced AI company helping businesses at every stage of their transformation journey powered by data & AI.

Our consulting led engagement typically starts with an unstructured business challenge, identifying the root issues, underlying KPI improvements needed, and designing the best fit solution followed by a PoC (Proof of Concept) to help you prepare a business case for at-scale implementation.

Our forte does not lie in invention with a myopic view, rather we believe in applied innovation that creates tangible impact across your business sphere. That comes through a solid knowledge of your industry and business processes; trust our team, a unique mix of management consultants, statistical modellers, data scientists, programmers, with years of industry expertise, to do that!

Once you are ready to move to the next stage, we implement solutions at scale to help you fully harness the power of data, advanced analytics and AI. For speed, flexibility, reliability and security, we use contemporary approaches to solution design and development through a Cloud-First approach, low-code/no- code development, serverless, containerized, micro-services; delivered in an Agile mode within a Dev-Ops paradigm.

Technology is nothing if it’s not scalable, our solutions are designed on modular architecture and elastic infrastructure allowing easy scalability. And as your data solutions scale, it becomes crucial to address data governance and security concerns. We also implement proper access controls, data encryption, and auditing mechanisms to ensure data integrity and compliance with regulations.  

Why Choose Us

Partnering with our clients on their end-to-end data & AI transformation journey to create business impact through the right mix of people, processes and tools.

Consulting led PoC Approach

By thoroughly understanding business challenges and underlying performance indicators, we develop focused PoCs that demonstrate the value and expected outcome of our tailored solutions. With our expertise and guidance, clients confidently navigate challenges, optimize ROI, and achieve their strategic business goals.

Industry Expertise

Finarb understands that every business is distinct, and we pride ourselves on crafting tailor-made solutions that cater to your specific industry and needs. Our global reach allows us to leverage cross-industry insights, ensuring optimal outcomes that drive superior business performance.

Unrivalled Team

Our team of passionate and skilled professionals is dedicated to developing RoI focused data &  AI solutions that address your unique business challenges. With a proven track record of success, with 4 patents and 100+ successful projects, we constantly push the boundaries of innovation.

Agile Development and DevOps

Our comprehensive service offerings span from discovery sessions to solution deployment and maintenance, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. Our agile development approach, CI/CD practices enable us to incorporate changes & improvements throughout the product/project lifecycle and faster turn around.


We firmly believe that a company's success is a reflection of its people, and we take great pride in assembling a team of top-tier scientists, programmers, software developers, modelers and management consultants who embody the essence of Finarb.