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Abhishek Ray on Leading Finarb to Success: An Exclusive Fortune Magazine Interview

In a recent exclusive interview with Fortune Magazine , Abhishek Ray, Co-Founder and CEO of Finarb, outlined how it helps companies with their business transformation using AI. Finarb has carved out a niche for itself in the dynamic landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). With its innovative solutions to complex business problems, Finarb has become a preferred partner for top enterprises in their AI enabled business transformation journey.

Mr. Abhishek Ray throws light on how Finarb is collaborating with enterprises across sectors in AI and Data led business transformation.

Primarily serving clients in the US, Finarb has made remarkable progress in healthcare driven by the vision to enhance patient outcomes through AI & advanced analytics solutions. Finarb is proud to have collaborated with leading enterprises and solving use cases in domains of medication non-adherence risks, patient compliance, AI enabled early disease detection & patient risk stratification.

In financial services, Finarb has been part of complex projects such as credit risk modeling and trading solutions. These initiatives have empowered financial institutions to effectively manage risks and make informed decisions, showcasing the potential of AI and ML in driving financial innovation.

Finarb has been pivotal in delivering solutions in other domains as well such as predictive maintenance for manufacturing organizations, predicting customer churn with mitigation measures for a leading automobile company, pricing evaluation alerts for a leading consumer goods company to assess the impact of price changes on the overall revenue and profitability of the brand, among others.

Watch the complete interview here.

Drivers of Finarb’s success 

Abhishek credited the company’s success to its hiring practices. Finarb prioritizes hiring dedicated individuals from top institutions who align with the company’s culture and vision, building a team that is technically skilled and shares the company’s values.

Finarb’s growth has been organic, reflecting its commitment to high standards and quality. Unlike its peers, Finarb has maintained its independence without external investors, enabling it to deliver superior quality solutions quickly and cost-effectively to its clients.

This approach has led to high client retention rates, further strengthening Finarb’s market position. It highlights the company’s focus on client satisfaction and its commitment to delivering value, driving its growth and market leadership.

Looking forward 

Abhishek Ray’s recent recognition with the Business Spotlight Leader Award from Outlook is a testament to Finarb’s commitment to excellence. As Finarb continues to lead the way, the future of AI-driven business transformation looks promising. This award is a new beginning for Finarb, setting the stage for more groundbreaking innovations.