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Riding the AI Wave: Finarb Analytics Consulting bags the Prestigious Business Spotlight Leader Award from Outlook

The Finarb Legacy:

Within a short span of time since our inception, our team's unwavering commitment has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. This dedication has culminated in receiving the esteemed Business Spotlight Leader Award from Outlook, a milestone that underscores our impactful accomplishments.

Mr. Abhishek Ray: The Guiding Force and Visionary Behind Finarb 

Our founder and director, Mr. Abhishek Ray, has guided us effectively through the evolving landscape of AI. On receiving the Business Spotlight Leader Award, Mr. Ray affirmed our mission, stating: "

“Receiving this distinguished award not only highlights Finarb Analytics Consulting’s accomplishments and credibility but also gives us a unique opportunity to inspire and motivate others in the industry. As recipients of the Business Spotlight Leader Award, we must share our expertise to promote innovation and growth in AI and ML across all industries." His leadership continues to shape Finarb's future direction.

Outlook Recognizes Our Remarkable Milestones:

Finarb's exponential growth is a direct result of our skilled team of data scientists, programmers, software developers, and management consultants. Their expertise and dedication to delivering robust, intelligent solutions have been instrumental in achieving the following milestones:

  • Explosive Topline Growth:

    Our phenomenal 90% Y-O-Y topline growth and a 50% employee count surge underscore the momentous growth we've experienced, affirming our standing in the Data & AI industry.

  • Innovation Excellence:

    We've filed four patents for pioneering AI methodologies, constantly pushing the boundaries of AI and delivering extraordinary results.

  • Striking AI Achievements:

    We have surpassed industry averages in various AI projects, delivering exceptional results:

    • In healthcare, our AI solutions enhanced drug quality checks with a 99% accuracy rate using computer vision, thereby improving product safety.

    • We reduced medication non-adherence risk by 37% using sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics.

    • In industrial maintenance, our AI pre-emptively detected machine failures with a superior F1 score of 0.7, optimizing operational efficiency.

  • Superior Customer Satisfaction:

    Our dedication to providing exceptional service is reflected in our CSAT score of 4.9/5, demonstrating our strong relationship with our clients.

  • AI for Good:

    Guided by our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, we've established impactful 'AI for Good’ solutions. One such solution is our Agro AI project, which utilizes computer vision to detect early signs of plant diseases, helping to prevent up to 35% of crop waste by identifying over 200 crop diseases. Additionally, we've effectively used AI in drug discovery, enabling rapid screening and refining of bioactive molecules. This accelerates discovery time by 2.5 times and has the potential to reduce drug discovery costs by 20%. These strategic initiatives, particularly in agriculture and healthcare, illustrate our mission to harness AI for societal benefit, as we continue to develop and apply these use cases on a larger scale through various partnerships.

The Journey Henceforth... 

As we stand, honored by the prestigious Business Spotlight Leader Award, we find ourselves on the cusp of new and thrilling frontiers in our AI journey. Our mission remains clear - to revolutionize businesses and the broader AI and ML communities through transformative impacts. Our objective isn't just to innovate, but to utilize AI as a force of change, pushing the boundaries of the possible.

About Finarb:

Finarb is a leading "consult-to-operate" firm specializing in data, analytics, and advanced AI solutions.

We empower businesses at each step of their transformation journey, starting with identifying unstructured business challenges and designing tailored solutions through a consultative approach. Our unique blend of management consultants, data scientists, and programmers leverages industry expertise to create impactful, innovative solutions. We ensure agile, secure, and scalable solutions through our Cloud-First approach, alongside our focus on data governance and security ensures compliance and integrity as businesses grow. Finarb stands out with its consultative PoC approach, extraordinary team, industry expertise.

About Outlook:

Outlook is a comprehensive media powerhouse. In the digital realm, Outlook stands out with its varied and targeted offerings, reinforcing its commitment to accessible, high-quality journalism. It has demonstrated its adaptability and innovation by successfully incorporating a global perspective across its content while recognizing emergent sectors like venture capital and private equity. In the event space, Outlook has created signature platforms like Outlook Speakout, Outlook Agriculture Conclave, and Outlook Business Leading Edge, among others. These initiatives highlight their proactive engagement with critical societal, economic, and industrial issues.