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AI Recommender Engine

Boost sales and customer satisfaction with intelligent recommendations on product, pricing, and personalized shopping experiences 

30% Increase in First Page View Time from 65 to 90 seconds
20% Increase in Search Page View Time from 60 to 65 seconds
10% Increase in Average User Activity From ~5 to ~9 clicks
10% Increase in Revenue Growth
10% Increase in Conversion Rate from 11 to 25%
10% Reduction in cart abondonment

Business Challenge

Lack of personalization in your recommendation engine can lead to reduced customer engagement, lower conversion rates, decreased customer satisfaction, higher churn rates, and missed revenue opportunities. Tailored and relevant product, price recommendations to cater to individual customer preferences is the need of the hour. Our AI-enabled recommender engine can provide insights into customer micro behavior and preferences, enabling retailers make fast data-driven decisions enhancing overall shopping experience. 

Our Key AI Recommender Solutions


  • E-commerce product recommendations
  • Automated product tagging
  • Content recommendations
  • Personalized marketing and advertising
  • Collaborative filtering
  • Hybrid recommendation systems

Outcome: Key Benefits of our Recommender Engine


 4.5X  6X  4.8X  37%
 Increase in   likelihood of   purchase   completion   among   customers   clicking on   recommendations  Increase in time   spent on retail   sites by   customers  who   clicked on   recommendations   vs those who   didn’t

 More unique   products   viewed   per visit   by   customers   who   clicked on a  recommendation

 Increase in the   number of   customers that   placed an   order   by   clicking on a   recommendation


Our AI-enabled Recommendation Engine has significantly impacted retailers' ability to provide personalized customer experiences, resulting in the following quantifiable benefits and long term ROI:

  • 4.5X increase in purchase completion among customers clicking on the recommendations provided, with significant improvements shown in time spent on site and unique products viewed
  • Increase in average order value due to more relevant and appealing product recommendations
  • Increase in customer retention rates by delivering tailored content and offers
  • Reduction in cart abandonment
  • Direct revenue impact due to increased effectiveness of cross-selling and upselling strategies based on recommendations provided
  • Real-time adaptability: Our recommendation engines are trained to continuously learn from customer interactions, and dynamically adjust recommendations


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